Thrasher magic mushroom

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Thrasher magic mushrooms are for those who won’t accept anything less than the most powerful. In a word, these magic mushrooms will leave you thrashed.

Featuring an intense potency, Thrasher magic mushrooms are the real deal. In fact, they’re so strong that we warn beginners to stay away from this beast of a strain.

However, if you’re looking for the ride of your life, then Thrasher is the strain for you. If you’d like to know more about the Thrasher strain, then continue reading below.

Thrasher psilocybin mushrooms are a strain that’s hot off the presses. In fact, they’re so new that there’s not much history to speak of.

These days, new strains are appearing everywhere. Yet most new strains are simply lackluster in both effects and appearance.

Every once in a while, a strain emerges from the void that blows everyone away. One of these phenomenal newcomers was Thrasher.

In the rapidly evolving world of magic mushroom strains, Thrasher appeared like a diamond in the rough.

What we know is that Thrasher shrooms originated from a professional magic mushroom mycologist. While experimenting with the Melmac PE strain, this grower produced a variant with all the right qualities.

Thus, the Thrasher strain was born. Only recently, we could get our hands on this marvelous strain.

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