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Cannabis chocolate is a cannabis edible. It’s a delicious treat with a big kick. The cannabis chocolate is a perfect blend of sugar, dark chocolate, and cannabis.

Cannabis chocolate is a special recipe that combines the sweetness of chocolate with the taste of cannabis. It is also known as 'medible chocolate' which is prepared by mixing cannabis extract, butter or oil, and cocoa powder together. This recipe can be made at home, or you can buy it from dispensaries if the cannabis chocolate is not your cup of tea.

Why would someone use cannabis chocolate?

People consume edible cannabis to experience its effect. Cannabis edibles have more substantial effects than smoking or vaping cannabis. When you eat edible cannabis, it takes some time for it to reach the bloodstream and brain. This delay provides the opportunity to control the dose consumed.

The effects experienced from consuming edible cannabis depend on the consumption method, dose, and individual factors like metabolism, tolerance, experience level, and tolerance to drugs. In low doses, the effects are milder than when consumed in high doses. Since edible cannabis takes some time to reach the bloodstream and brain, it’s easier to control the dosage than smoking or vaping cannabis.

What are the effects of cannabis chocolate?

The effects from eating cannabis depend on the consumption method and dose. When eaten, the effects are delayed and last longer than when consumed via smoking or vaping. Low dosages produce mild effects that may include:

Munchies – The munchies are an effect not only of eating food but also of taking cannabis edibles because eating food increases the blood levels of cannabinoids in your body. So, if you are experiencing munchies after taking cannabis edibles it’s because of more availability of cannabinoids in your blood stream.

Increased appetite – Cannabis increases appetite because of the munchies effect. Its effect on the brain’s hunger center tells your body that you’re hungry even if you just ate a big meal. Thus, if you ate a big meal before taking cannabis edibles, you will surely feel like eating more after the effect sets in.

Relaxation – Edibles produce mild relaxation and euphoric sensations in the body. These sensations can make an individual feel lazy and want to relax on their bed or couch. If you feel lazy or lethargic after taking cannabis edibles, it’s because of relaxation and mild euphoric feelings in your body.

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