Apollo, popularly known in the cannabis world as “Apollo 13,” is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain developed by breeders at the renowned Brothers Grimm farms. This extremely unusual strain is a powerful cross of the potent P75 X Genius strains, with an average THC content ranging from 16-19%. Apollo has a strong earthy aroma with a small hint of spicy herbs, as well as a lemony earthy flavor with a pungent sweet aftertaste.

The Apollo high is described by users as “out-of-this-world cerebral.” You’ll be joyful and uplifted, with an almost overpowering sensation of creativity, attention, and motivation. This dank bud has been described as the cannabis equivalent of a double-shot of espresso and the ideal wake-and-bake smoke since it keeps you lively, clear-headed, and social for hours after you take a hit. Apollo is a good strain for treating individuals suffering from diseases like depression, exhaustion, ADD or ADHD, and anxiety disorders because to its tremendous uplifting benefits and low indica side effects.