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Cannabis accessories are objects that add value to cannabis consumption by either making it easier to consume or to consume better.Most cannabis accessories are designed to make combustion cannabis consumption easier, regardless if it is smoking or vaping. Other cannabis accessories are designed to preserve the cannabis or make extraction of active ingredients easier.

Cannabis Accessories for Smoking and Vaping

Smoking accessories

Rolling papers – there are several different types of rolling papers, each one with its own characteristics. Some types are stronger than others and some are flavored.There are also papers that already have the gum (base) applied. These papers are called pre-rolled or ready-rolled papers.Filters – these are the cardboards or papers that are used to reduce harshness of smoke. Filters make smoking or vaping more enjoyable, especially for beginners or people with respiratory problems.Carrying cases and storage – these are storage containers specifically designed for cannabis or smoking accessories. They can be used to carry cannabis and smoking accessories in a safe and organized way. Some cases have additional space to store other items like cash, keys, etc. The cases can be made of different materials, like metal or plastic.

Vaping accessories

Vaping devices – there are several types of devices for vaping cannabis and each one has its own characteristics. Some vapes can have their parts replaced, making them more versatile and cost-efficient. The best advice about vaping is to try different devices before deciding on the one you like the most. Some vapes are more suitable for beginners than others.Vaping liquids – liquids used for vaping come in different flavors, colors and consistencies. Some liquids also have propylene glycol as an additional ingredient, which makes them more like traditional cigarette smoke. Other liquids can be used for a longer period of time, because they are not as thick as e-liquids that don’t contain propylene glycol. Some liquids can also be mixed with e-liquids without this ingredient, giving the user much more options when it comes to vaping liquids.

Cannabis Accessories for Preservation and Extraction

Preservation accessories – these accessories help keep the freshness, flavor and smell of your weed longer than without using them. The most common preservation accessories are storage containers, humidors and inert gases (like O2 or N2). Inert gases can be used in storage containers as well, but their main purpose is preservation of air in packaging of product before it reaches the storage container or humidor.Extraction accessories – these accessories help separate desired ingredients from cannabis plant material easier. Some of these accessories are cooking tools, like coffee mills, grinders or presses. All of these tools can be used for both extraction and consumption of cannabis.

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