Jungle boys Weed Growers & TLC Collectives
Jungle boys weed farmers are medical marijuana growers based in Los Angeles, California. Our focus is on exotic and rare strains of Marijuana found nowhere else in the city or in the United States. Jungle boys have several shops distributed all over California State and our weed and resin are also supplied to Medical patients with Valid Marijuana licenses all over the world. From cultivation to processing Jungle Boys weed Farmers provide adequate care for you to have the least genetic variability in your strains of preference. Our Hybrids are pure so are our Indicas and Sativas. Packaging of our weed is done only at bud maturity. Unlike exotic carts, runtz carts or stiiizy muha meds and juul or big chief carts, jungle boys seeds, and glo extracts. these nugs are simply the best. We provide crunchy full buds in Vacuum sealed tins and 3.5g sacs. Jungle boys pre-rolls are obtained only on pre-orders and each pre-roll weighs 1g.

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