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What is sauce?

Sauce is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates. Made through solvent extraction, such as BHO, PHO, or CO2, sauce is defined by its liquid consistency. It can be made from trim, buds, or fresh frozen cannabis. 

Sauce is made by stripping cannabis plant material of oils and trichomes via with a solvent and then purging the chemical from the resulting mixture. Sauce is also “winterized,” meaning additional fats and lipids are removed, and the result is usually yellow or amber in color. Most often, visible “diamonds” of THCA will float in the terpene-rich sauce, but it can also appear granular in texture. 

Difference between sauce, wax, and hash

Sauces and waxes are both cannabis extracts made with a chemical solvent that separates cannabinoid and terpenes from plant material. While there may be nuances in extraction methods, wax and sauce mainly differ in texture and consistency, and can show similar potency results. 

Hash is a solventless cannabis concentrate that separates trichomes from the plant using agitation, and sometimes heat, rather than chemicals. Hash may have a higher plant material content depending on its quality but is usually considered cleaner because it isn’t made with chemicals.

Sauce is a cannabis extract with a sticky, liquid consistency. Sauce extractions are known for high levels of terpenes, which give them incredibly robust flavor profiles.

Sauce is typically produced using a unique process designed to create a two-component final product: cannabinoid-rich crystals with high levels of THC suspended in terpene-rich oil.

More about sauce

Cannabis extracts are often named for their appearance, texture, color, and malleability.

Sauce is no different.  This extract's unique combination of crystals plus terp sauce gives it a viscous consistency similar to marmalade.

How sauce is made: the basics

The extraction process is roughly the same as that for making other solvent-based extracts. Like other concentrates, solvents used for making sauce include butane, propane, ethanol, and supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2).

Sauce can be made using either cured or fresh frozen flower, harvested from any marijuana strains. If sauce is made from cured flower, it will generally have fewer terps. And if sauce is made from fresh flower that's been frozen, it is technically a type of "live resin" and will generally have a stronger flavor profile.

What are sauce carts?

Sauce cartridges are vape pen cartridges filled with sauce. All carts are used for vaping, and include some type of cannabis concentrate, but sauce carts contain sauce specifically.

What are sauce pens?

Sauce pens are any vape pens that vaporize sauce instead of any other type of cannabis concentrate.

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