Moon rocks are a THC megazord made of rolled-in-kief cannabis buds that have been covered with hash oil. Although GSC has traditionally been used, any strain will do.If you think you’re ready to go to the moon without the rocket, then this is for you. Every substances in cannabis that make you high, is here in double amount almost. SO, if you’re bored with your daily Sativa and Indica then this strain will be a good short change for you.

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Ever heard of cannabis moon rocks?

Moon rocks are cannabis concentrates that are named after the famous cannabis sativa product, but have a very different look.

Cannabis moon rocks are made from isolating the trichomes from the cannabis plant and creating a little ball that looks like a tiny moon. Cannabis moon rocks may be made from either ice-wax hash or from bubble hash.

Bubble hash is made when the trichomes are separated from the plant matter through agitation, usually with ice water. This hash has been known as “water hash” for decades, and is still very popular today. As you can see from the picture below, bubble hash has a much different appearance than moon rocks.

On the other hand, ice-wax hash is created by freezing the trichomes, which naturally become sticky and clingy, then using agitation to gather them into a little ball. This process is very similar to how kief is made, only on a much larger scale. Moon rocks may be up to an inch in diameter and up to an eighth of an ounce in weight!

What do cannabis moon rocks look like?

Moon rocks have a very unique appearance. They look like little balls of hash, with a layer on the outside and dark trichome goodness on the inside. They may be either golden or dark colored (black), depending on how they’re made. Typically, they’re smaller than a pea, and between .01 and .08 ounces in weight!

What is the effect of moon rocks?

Moon rocks will hit you pretty hard. Depending on how strong your tolerance is, it may take more than one hit to get you where you need to be. The high from moon rocks will be strong for about two hours, then gradually taper off for another two hours or so. After that, you should be clear-headed for at least another four hours or so. The high from moon rocks will be a lot more mental than physical. You’ll feel sharp and focused, with just a little bit of that indica body high to help distract you from your day. You should be careful if you plan on driving or doing anything physically demanding; the mental effects can make you feel like you’re not affected by the THC, so you might overestimate your abilities.

Where can I get cannabis moon rocks?

Super-booming question right? It should be noted that cannabis moon rocks are pretty hard to come by unless you have connections. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, it’s possible (but unlikely) that you might find some at your local dispensary if you ask around enough. If you don’t have a good connection locally, your best bet is going to be ordering online. There are lots of places selling moon rock wax online these days. Just do some research first and make sure it’s top quality before you spend your hard-earned money!

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