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Sativa is a type of cannabis that was originally grown in Central Asia, but now is also cultivated in other tropical countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Mexico. The main characteristic of this type of cannabis is that it is tall, thin and has narrow leaves. Sativa cannabis is a highly valued type of cannabis in the market because of its very special features.

What are the best features of sativa?

The best features of sativa are:

  • Higher energy levels;
  • Better ability to focus and concentrate;
  • Greater creativity;
  • Euphoric mood;
  • Mental relaxation and loosening;
  • A comfortable physical body sensation;
  • Long-lasting effect.

What are the most important differences between indica and sativa?

  1. Appearance – The first observation after buying cannabis is the appearance. Sativa cannabis is tall, thin, and has long thin leaves. On the other hand, indica plants are short and stocky with small leaves. 
  2. Effects – The effects depend on how your body reacts to both types of cannabis. Sativa usually gives a more energetic high, but it can also cause paranoia; on the other hand, indica produces a heavier high, but with less paranoia potential. 
  3. Duration – Duration also depends on your body reaction to cannabis. The duration of sativa’s effects are longer than indica’s effects. 
  4. Cultivation – Sativa requires more light per day plus a little more heat compared to indica. Sativa is also more sensitive to pests and diseases compared to indica species. This is why sativa is often produced in greenhouses or indoor facilities controlled by growers. 
  5. Taste – The taste of both types of cannabis may vary depending on the country where it was cultivated and how it was cultivated, but all in all sativa has a stronger flavor compared to indica. This is because sativas have a higher level of cannabidiol (CBD) which has a bitter taste, while indicas have more tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has a spicy or fruity taste. 
  6. Growing – Indicas grow well indoors or in gardens, but sometimes can be too short for indoor facilities. Sativas require more space and sun for growth, so they are not well adapted for indoor cultivation due to the lack of space and light.

What is the best use for sativa?

Sativa cannabis has been used for many purposes such as being used as a recreational drug or for medicinal purposes, but there are some cases where this type of cannabis is used for specific uses such as:


  1. Help with depression – If you are suffering from depression disorder, sativa cannabis can be very helpful because it increases energy levels, helps you focus on tasks, and increases your ability to concentrate on other things that bring joy into your life and make you happy. 
  2. Help with concentration – If you frequently have problems with concentration due to ADHD or other reasons, using sativa cannabis can help you because it increases your ability to concentrate and helps you focus on tasks easily.
  3. Help with ADD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition where people experience chronic restlessness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity that affects their learning and relationships with friends and family members. Chronic ADHD can be treated with medication and behavioral therapy, but even without treatment symptoms will go away over time as children grow older. Using sativa is not recommended when treating this disorder because it also increases impulsivity, which will make you behave in similar ways as patients who have ADHD.  
  4. Weight loss? – Some studies have shown that using cannabis before meals helps people eat less food during their meal time and makes them feel full sooner than if they didn’t use weed before eating a meal! This may be very helpful in weight loss plans!  
  5. Side effects during chemotherapy – Studies have shown that using cannabis during chemotherapy reduces side effects such as nausea and vomiting caused by the treatment! Also use of other addictive drugs such as opioids for pain reduction are reduced when using medical marijuana during these treatments! This indicates that this plant can be very helpful during these difficult times!  
  6. Help with obsessive-compulsive behavior – Some studies have shown that people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder respond well to sativa use because it can decrease the obsession over certain thoughts or tasks! Also people who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often react well to sativa use due to its numbing effects which help them forget about their traumatic experiences and enjoy their lives again!


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