Your childhood favourite candies with a kick.

Sticky Icky is a new edibles company in Vancouver BC that is making some of the best edibles in Canada.

Sticky Icky produces their edibles with only pure THC oil that is refined and extracted with CO2 extraction for the best and purest forms of cannabis oil. All Sticky Icky candy is made in Canada and handcrafted for those edible lovers.

Sticky Icky Key Sour Bombs are cannabis infused, fruit flavored candies that are a perfect bite for those on the go. Now you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis infused edibles in Canada without the taste of cannabis with this sweet, sour and tart candy that you will be sure to love.

These THC cannabis candies help stimulate the mind and the body. For those medicinal marijuana patients that don’t like to smoke, these candies are perfect for you to just pop one in and go. These edibles help reduce anxiety, help with pain relief, inflammation, nausea, insomnia, and leaves you feeling euphoric throughout. Not only are these edibles delicious, but they are smoke-free and easy on the lungs.

Once you a take a bite of these candies you will fall in love with how great that taste and how good you will feel.

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