AAAA Mike Tyson KO by Bubba Kings

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32% THC

Like its namesake, boxing champion Mike Tyson, Tyson is a strain with the sheer power to knock you out where you stand. Although Mike Tyson himself has taken up cannabis farming, having opened up a weed-themed resort in the Mojave Desert, this pure indica is actually the creation of Canna Clinic. And while the strain’s genetics have been kept proprietary, there’s nothing secret about Tyson’s potency. esides these trippy, mind-bending qualities, tho, Tyson does not do much in the way of mental stimulation.  An indica to its core, Tyson needs some time to warm up before hitting users with its full force. After 15 minutes or so, consumers may notice an increased blood flow to the head, accompanied by some flushing in the cheeks or a pressure around the temples and eyes. Once smokers acclimate to these sensations, they free enjoy the spectrum of disorienting effects that Tyson has to offer. For some, this bud can seriously warp their sensory perception, with possible visual and auditory distortions like an amplification of certain sounds or a flattening of depth and perspective. Some consumers also report more abstract effects like an uncanny feeling of time dilation.

Only available in very limited drops, this heavy indica is not to be taken lightly. One puff of this strain will feel like going 12 rounds with the champ and leave you out for hours. A hardcore gassy flavour combined with a sweet smooth finish make this is an all around perfect, extremely sought after strain.

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