AAAA Jungle Breath By Jungle Boys

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About Buy Jungle Breath Marijuana

As the progeny  of a three-way cross, buy the Jungle Breath cannabis strain offers a strong flavor outlines and above-average yields that will keep growers and consumers happy. This Indica dominant fusion combines the features of the OG Kush Breath, the Fruity Pebbles, and the Jungle Kush. The masters behind this crowd favorite and most demanded.

What are the Flavor and Effects of Jungle Breath?

The flowers of this strain give off a toasted and nutty aroma. When the buds are grinded, they offer a powerful OG flavor. When combusted, the smoke is smooth and easily ingested. The effects of this strain are fast and quick to hit, despite its Indica dominant properties. It starts with a cerebral stimulation that is psychedelic in effect. If you have many tasks to finish, it is best to avoid this bud as it is more likely to induce confusion than concentration. On the comedown, this strain pulls you deep and fulfilling sleep.

Medicinal Benefits of Jungle Breath?

The strain is extremely  effective against conditions like fibromyalgia, inflammation, muscle cramps, and tremors. and also an effective antidote to insomnia.

Effects You Can Expect from Jungle Breath?

It causes Dry eyes and cottonmouth are some of the negative effects when smoking this bud.

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